Friday, March 13, 2009

My baby is cleaner than I am!

So I never imagined being a Mom would be so hard! I knew it wasn't easy but definitely did not know it would be this demanding! I don't even shower till almost 5 p.m. and most days I don't even eat till way after lunch time. I am a breastfeeding, diaper changing, rocking machine lol. My house is filthy but I've learned just to let it go. We will find a routine one day and the housework and laundry will eventually get done.

I also feel like Jonah is already bored with me LOL. We've had the same little routine now for the week we've been home. He just looks at me and stares like "Hey woman! Entertain me!." I'm thinking we may try out the tummy time mat today or even the sling. Hopefully they won't end up in gigantic FAILS hehe :)

I took him to Babies R Us yesterday and HE did great. I however was a hot mess. I'm hoping it was just hormones but I was sweating like a pig before we even got out the door. Then the only pair of jeans I have that fit (my maternity jeans) kept falling down and I'm sure the whole world loved seeing my butt crack and saggy ass lol. Once we actually got out of the car, in the stroller, and into the store I was EXHAUSTED. I didn't even care anymore about looking at stuff I just grabbed the essentials (breast pads lol) and left. Then on the way home I stopped twice because his head won't stay upright in the headrest. His little head was just hanging down on his chest and I was crying because it looked so pitiful. I've tried 2 different headrests already and nothing works! UGH! So that trip was a big fat FAIL for mama but Jonah slept the entire time like the little angel he is :) Oh well hopefully mama will get better at it! I'm getting sick of hibernating!

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