Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tummy Time! Well more like back time!

I let Jonah explore his whale tummy time mat! He was on his tummy for like 2 seconds and then I decided he would enjoy it more on his back lol. I know it defeats the purpose but he was just laying there with his face in the mat and I thought he was going to suffocate if I left him there too long lol. He did seem to enjoy laying on it and looking around his room!

Jonah got his social security card!

I got WAY too excited over this today lol. Just seeing a piece of mail with his name on it makes it real that he is a an *actual* human being and not just a dream or figment of my imagination :) I even showed it to him and want to take his picture holding it haha. Wow I'm such a loser mom! I wonder what crazy thing I will do when I get his birth certificate in the mail!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Growth sprurts blow.

So I guess Jonah is going through his 3 week growth spurt. It's insane! We switched to exclusively formula Tuesday and since then he's gone up from eating 2.5 oz to me giving him his first 4 oz bottle this morning! You'd think as we add more food he would sleep longer! UM NO! He is waking up every 2 hours to eat at night! It's killing me! Don't get me wrong I know I've been super lucky in getting 4-5 hours of sleep at a time at night but it still sucks. I don't even mind getting up with him. I actually kind of love being up with him late at night when it's peaceful but once I'm up it's hard for me to go back to sleep. I usually force myself to go back to sleep but last night at our 4:30 a.m. feeding I just couldn't. I straightened up the kitchen and living room and got on the computer for a few minutes. I then forced myself to go back to bed so I wouldn't be SO exhausted today. That was a waste really though because by the time I got to sleep (a good sleep) he was awake again and MO was telling me he's hungry.

Don't even get me started on that topic. Mo told me he was going to feed/change him during the nights he didn't have to work the next day. I guess that was just all talk and bullshit and no action. He insists on me letting him do things with Jonah HIS way all the time but when it comes to doing anything at night he suddenly had 1000 ?'s which leaves me awake so why not I just get up and do it?!! Another thing that pisses me off is that since we've started him on formula I always ask him when he gets home if he wants to give him a bottle and he says no. Seriously?! It's one effin bottle! He just wants to play with him and not share in any of the messy stuff. ::Sigh:: Just needed to vent!

Friday, March 20, 2009

You are my I love you.

I love them so much :)

I'm dying for a smile!

I know it's way too early but I want a smile so bad! Jonah has this permanent wrinkle in his forehead and a grumpy 'ole man expression that just crack me up! He always looks pissed off at his mom or like he is bored with me lol.

Having a "Whale" of a time!

Jonah in his whale onesie. I'm obsessed with the Carter's whale collection!

2 week checkup.

Jonah had his 2 week check up Tuesday. The pediatrician said he looked great! He's up to 6 lbs. 6 oz. and he measured 19.5 inches but we think they measured wrong at the hospital because at birth he was 20 inches lol. I was freaking out because I thought he had shrunk! The Dr. assured me he hadn't shrunk but the measurements weren't accurate. I wish my little monkey would grow a little longer so I can put his newborn pants on him! I'm just thankful that he got a clean bill of health!

I also decided to *officially* switch Jonah to exclusive formula feeding Tuesday. It was a hard decision but one I had to just suck it up and make. I don't want to go into detail why breastfeeding didn't work out because I've finally gotten okay with the decision and I don't want to make myself feel bad all over again. We are 4 days into formula feeding and besides some tummy adjustment issues and bad gas pains I feel like I made a good decision. Mommy is much happier and I think once the tummy issues get worked out Jonah will be a happier baby because of it :) Now I feel like I can breathe and we can look forward to better days!

Friday, March 13, 2009

My baby is cleaner than I am!

So I never imagined being a Mom would be so hard! I knew it wasn't easy but definitely did not know it would be this demanding! I don't even shower till almost 5 p.m. and most days I don't even eat till way after lunch time. I am a breastfeeding, diaper changing, rocking machine lol. My house is filthy but I've learned just to let it go. We will find a routine one day and the housework and laundry will eventually get done.

I also feel like Jonah is already bored with me LOL. We've had the same little routine now for the week we've been home. He just looks at me and stares like "Hey woman! Entertain me!." I'm thinking we may try out the tummy time mat today or even the sling. Hopefully they won't end up in gigantic FAILS hehe :)

I took him to Babies R Us yesterday and HE did great. I however was a hot mess. I'm hoping it was just hormones but I was sweating like a pig before we even got out the door. Then the only pair of jeans I have that fit (my maternity jeans) kept falling down and I'm sure the whole world loved seeing my butt crack and saggy ass lol. Once we actually got out of the car, in the stroller, and into the store I was EXHAUSTED. I didn't even care anymore about looking at stuff I just grabbed the essentials (breast pads lol) and left. Then on the way home I stopped twice because his head won't stay upright in the headrest. His little head was just hanging down on his chest and I was crying because it looked so pitiful. I've tried 2 different headrests already and nothing works! UGH! So that trip was a big fat FAIL for mama but Jonah slept the entire time like the little angel he is :) Oh well hopefully mama will get better at it! I'm getting sick of hibernating!

Father and Son.

I am so in love :)))) Enjoy.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A little behind but 39 week picture and post partum pics.

It's a little out of order but thought I would post my last belly pic and a post partum pic! It feels SO great to not be pregnant anymore! I love my little boy but I do NOT like being pregnant lol.

Pictures of Jonah's First Week

Just wanted to post some of my favorite pictures of Jonah's first week home. I have already taken so many pictures it is ridiculous. I'm officially one of "those" moms. You know the mom that whips out the pictures of her kids to complete strangers lol! I just want to document every moment of our day! :)

Our little monkey has arrived!

Jonah Mikhail Alam was born on March 3, 2009 at 11:12 a.m. He weighted in at 6 lbs. 5 oz. and 20 in. long. I had a successful induction and was only in labor for about 6 hours and only pushed for 20 minutes! It was an amazing experience and I would do it again in a heart beat!

I feel really great to be only 1 week post partum. I had a 2nd degree tear but seriously I have only had to take pain medicine like twice since I got home from the hospital. I am healing so fast and I'm so thankful.

Jonah is SUCH an amazing baby. He sleeps most of the day and only cries when he is hungry, wet, or has a tummy ache. I am SO blessed to have such a good baby. My whole entire life I have been a selfish type of person and in one second I have become so selfless. It has been so humbling and I would do anything for this little boy. I'm already so sad that he is growing up so fast!