Monday, November 3, 2008

I am so overwhelmed.

I've been in BRU a thousand times in the past 4 months and still somehow I was completely overwhelmed when Alam and I went to register yesterday.  He was in a trance and I could see the panic in his face!  He was like "we have to buy all this for the baby?"  I think all he could see was dollar signs everywhere haha.  We looked at nursery furniture and pretty much decided on a collection.  Then we started the registry but really just added big items such as the stroller, carseat, swing, play yard, etc.  I told him I would take care of the rest either by adding online or bringing a friend back to the store.  All in all it was a short but productive trip.  I'm just glad to have at least started the registry now I can finish it.  I am still completely overwhelmed by what I need! I hope my shower is a great one!

Picture of the crib above.

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