Wednesday, February 11, 2009

YES I'm alive!

I'm not good at updating the blog apparently... lol. Sorry it's been a while but things have been SO busy and now I'm bored to tears waiting these last few weeks. A few big things that have happened in the last 8 weeks:

  • I had an AMAZING shower thanks to my family and friends! It was so great and I got so many beautiful gifts! I will post a few pics!
  • I took my N-CLEX and passed! WOOHOO! I am officially an RN! I cried like a little baby when I found out I had passed! It is such a relief to know that I will have an amazing career waiting for me after pregnancy that will provide so much for my new family :)
  • This kid is going to be spoiled rotten! I have spent so much money on useless crap for him! Too many cute clothes being most of it.
  • As of today at my Dr. appointment I had gained 37 lbs. I'm trying not to beat myself up about it but it's kind of depressing! I really hope breastfeeding helps the lbs. melt away after birth.
  • I had my first internal exam today and I'm 1 cm dilated! YAY for progress! I know that could mean absolutely nothing but it's exciting never the less. I'm glad something is going on down there lol.

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